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Rockport Walking Test

The Rockport Walking Test (1 mile) is a good measurement of fitness for those who are are looking to increase their fitness level or are beginning an exercise program. For those at higher fitness levels, a running test is a more suitable determinant of physical fitness.


Measure out one mile of flat ground--four times around a track is a good course--and walk as fast as you can from start to finish while timing yourself. When you are done, take note of your time and then immediately take your pulse for fifteen seconds. Multiply by four to get your heart rate. You can also use a heart rate monitor if you have one. After you have completed the test, enter your information into the equation below to get your estimated fitness level. The result of this test will be very close to that you’d receive from a lab test done on a treadmill.


Aerobic Fitness Level, or Maximal Oxygen Intake (VO₂max) = 132.853 – (0.0769 X weight in lb) – (0.3877 X age in yr) + (6.315 X gender [0 for female, 1 for male]) – (3.2649 X time [min to the nearest 100th]) – (0.1565 X heart rate at end of test)

The result will be in milliliters per kilogram per minute and indicates your maximum effort. This fitness measurement is largely determined by your genetics and average increases from training are limited to around 20–25% for adults, where teenagers can have increases beyond 30%. Low cardiovascular fitness levels are represented by values under 35, medium fitness levels are 35 to 45, and high fitness levels are values over 45.

Resources: Sharkey, Brian J., and Steven E. Gaskill,. Fitness & Health. 6th ed. Illinois : Human Kinetics, 2007. Print.

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