Reverse Lunges Hard

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Reverse Lunges Hard

Reverse lunges are really good for toning your glutes! This glute exercise will really get your muscles burning. Make sure you go as slow as you can, because that will make you work longer and harder and make it burn.

REPS: However many reps make it burn. A good place to start for beginners is 10-12. For those looking for a harder workout, slow down and do about 15-20 reps.
SETS: 2-3
FREQUENCY: 3-5 times per week, preferably after cardio.


  • Take a lunge backward, far enough so that your front knee is over your ankle.
  • Using only your front leg and without pushing off from the back foot, focus on your front leg's glute muscle and stand up SLOWLY.
  • Squeeze your glute muscle.
  • Without touching the ground, bring your back leg forward and raise your knee in front of you.
  • Repeat on each side 10-12 times.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE: Wear ankle weights or hold a medicine ball at your desired weight.

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