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Find the right physical fitness exercises for you! Exercise is one of those things that seems harder the more you think about doing it, and easy to do once you're through the inertia. Below are a bunch of exercise tutorials listed by muscle group that are easy to do and will give you great results! You can also do the Advanced Muscle Challenges for each exercise to make your workout harder.

Choose a muscle group from the list of links below to view the exercise tutorials and videos, learn about form, and follow along in a workout.

Glute Exercises

Out of all glute exercises, Squats are one of the most effective ways to shape your behind because they really tone glutes and outer thighs, pushing your butt upward and out, giving you a nice, round tush.

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Upper Arm Exercises

Upper arm exercises, such as Chair Dips, target the triceps, but also tone the biceps and shoulder muscles...

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Abdominal Exercises

Get super sexy abs with abdominal exercises like Crunches! Done properly, crunches get your mid-section super toned, giving you a rock-solid, gorgeous waistline...

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Core Exercises

Core workouts are great way to get a flat stomach and tone your mid-section! A strong core helps support your back so you lower your chances for injury and have a wider range of motion in your daily activities...

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