Pelvic Thrusts Floor

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Pelvic Thrusts Floor

Pelvic thrusts tone your glutes and also get your thighs in shape and help smooth out saddlebags. Do these on the floor or for a harder thigh exercise, see the Pelvic Thrusts Hard video tutorial.

REPS: 12-18 per side
SETS: 2-3
FREQUENCY: 3-5 times per week (like sit ups/crunches, these should be done often)


Regluar Squats

  • Lie on a mat.
  • Bend one leg, leave one straight.
  • Lift straight leg in the air, and push off the floor with bent leg.
  • Lift your pelvis high enough so that your knees and stomach form a straight line.
  • Switch sides.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE: Wear ankle weights or see the Pelvic Thrusts Hard page.

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