How to Listen to Workout Playlists

Listen to Workout Playlists...

On a Desktop or Laptop

Playlists can be played directly from this site on the provided Grooveshark Player, or on Spotify if you have a Spotify account. Pressing play on a Spotify Player will open your Spotify App, or will ask if you'd like to sign up for their service.

Spotify is an awesome music streaming service that allows music lovers to share playlists with others. If you don't already have an account, I recommend checking it out! You can easily sign up for
their FREE version here. They also have a great mobile app if you upgrade to their very reasonable and well-worth-it
$10/month premium service.

On a Mobile Device

If you are on an i-device (iPhone or iPad), the best way to listen to a workout playlist is by following the "CLICK HERE" link above each playlist, which will open the playlist in Spotify's Mobile App.
Start here to explore music genres!

Other Mobile Devices
If you have any other type of mobile device, you can listen with Spotify OR the Grooveshark App! (There is currently not a Grooveshark App available for iPhones or iPads.)

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