Glute Exercises

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Squat Exercises

Squat exercises are one of the most effective ways to shape your butt because they target glutes and outer thighs, pushing your butt up and making it rounder!

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Reverse Lunges

Lunges tones your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, and are a perfect complimentary exercise to squats for getting glutes and thighs extra-toned.

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Reverse Lunges, Hard

Make the basic reverse lunge harder! This glute exercise will really get your muscles burning!

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Pelvic Thrusts, Floor

Pelvic thrusts tone your glutes and also get your thighs in shape and help smooth out saddlebags.

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Pelvic Thrusts, Hard

Do these with a coffee table or stick your feet between the cushions on your couch or between your bed frame and mattress.

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Tabletop Leg Lifts

These leg lifts are great exercises for the upper, lower, and sides of your glute muscles.

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Ballet Leg Lifts

Wow, are these hard! But they work! This exercise will definitely tighten your thighs and help get rid of cellulite.

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Standing Leg Lifts

This exercise is great for working that higher part of your glute that isn't always the focus of squats.

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