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Core Strengthening Exercises

Core strengthening exercises are great way to get a flat stomach and tone your mid-section!

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Leg Drops

Oh ya, these work!! These make my core muscles so sore. These can be done with toe touches simultaneously, which adds to the workout.

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Plank Exercise

This one's great for your entire core and your obliques. It works the back core muscles as well. I kind of dig this exercise.

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Leg Lowering

The more reps of this exercise you do, the more it works. The key is to hold your core as tight and still as possible.

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Core Side Reach

This exercise helps a ton to get you a flat stomach and work your obliques.

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Core Cardio Hops

These are fun, but not easy. They'll make you sweat! This exercise works mainly your core muscles, but you'll feel your arms and legs getting exhausted, too.

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