Core Cardio Hops

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Core Cardio Hops

These are fun, but not easy. They'll make you sweat! This exercise works mainly your core muscles, but you'll feel your arms and legs getting exhausted too, not to mention it revs up your heart rate. Hop your way to a flat stomach...

REPS: 16-20 per side
SETS: 2-3
FREQUENCY: 3-4 times per week (good for the core and you'll work the arms a bit too)


  • Get into an almost downward facing dog pose, but slightly closer to the floor, with hands and feet further apart.
  • Hands should be comfortably under your shoulders.
  • With feet together, hop from side to side as far as you can while maintaining a quick, steady pace.
  • Bend your knees when you land to absord the shock.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE: Jump higher. Wear ankle weights.

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