Ballet Leg Lifts

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Ballet Leg Lifts

Wow, are these hard! But they work! This exercise will definitely tighten your thighs and help get rid of cellulite.

REPS: 10-13
SETS: 2-3
FREQUENCY: 3-5 times per week


  • Lay on stomach
  • Place hands under shoulders for support
  • With legs straight, lift legs until knees are off the floor
  • Bend knees and hold 5-10 seconds
  • Straighten legs and hold up for another 5-10 seconds
  • Lower legs to floor
  • Repeat

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE: Wear ankle weights. At the end of the slower reps, you can do half-time reps and pulse up with slightly bent legs 10 more times per set (shown at the end of the video).

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