Abdominal Exercises

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Get super sexy abs with abdominal exercises like Crunches! Done properly, crunches get your mid-section super toned, giving you a rock-solid, gorgeous waistline.

Basic Crunches: 25-50 per set (100-200 total)
Side Crunches 15-20 per set

SETS: 2-4

Basic Crunches 4-6 times per week
Side Crunches 2-3 times per week


Basic crunches

  • Keep your lower back on the floor.
  • Place your hands behind your head with your elbows out to the sides.
  • Push your back down to the ground as you squeeze your stomach to pull your chest toward your knees.
  • Try not to use your neck to pull yourself off the ground.
  • Breathe out as you come up, and inhale as you lower back down.

Side Crunches

  • Lay on your back
  • Bend your knees, feet flat on floor
  • Place your right ankle on your left knee (alternate later)
  • Bring hands behind your head
  • With elbows out, bring your left elbow up and over your body to meet your right knee.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE #1 FOR BASIC CRUNCHES: For each crunch, bring your knees toward your head as you come up. Lower your feet and back to the floor together, and repeat.ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE #2 FOR BASIC CRUNCHES: You can do the above challenge with a medicine ball between your knees to add weight. You can also hold a medicine ball between your hands and extend it above your head, bringing it up and over toward your feet for each crunch, and then back down again.

Abdominal Exercises: Leg Drops

Slow Leg Drops work your front abdominal muscles and can really help you on your way to a six-pack!

REPS: 10-15
FREQUENCY: 2 times per week


  • Lie down on your back and place your arms at your side, hands facing down.
  • Squeeze your stomach muscles to support your lower back.
  • Lift both legs into the air, straight above you, creating a right angle with the floor.
  • Lower your straight legs to the ground while counting to ten in your head, and breathing out slowly through your mouth.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE #1: Hold a medicine ball of your desired weight between your calves as you do the leg drops. Another alternative is to bring your arms straight over your head and reach up to touch your toes every time your legs come up, then lower both back down again, and repeat

Abdominal Exercises: Oblique Side Reaches

Side Reaches across and over your body in quick, fluid movements will tone your obliques and strengthen your core. These will help you burn belly fat and get a flatter stomach!

REPS: 20+ for each side and each exercise
SETS: 1-2
FREQUENCY: 2-3 times per week

For each exercise, focus on keeping the movements quick and fluid.

Overhead Side Reach

  • Feet a little further than shoulder width apart.
  • Alternate reaching each arm up and over your head to the opposite side.
  • Get your elbow as straight as you can on each reach.
  • 20 times on each side, or until it burns.

Forward Side Reach

  • Feet a little further than shoulder width apart.
  • Alternate reaching each arm out and forward across your body, as you twist to each side.
  • Focus on really extending the arm as far as you can.
  • 20 or more times for each side.

Side to Side Bounce

  • Feet a little further than shoulder width apart.
  • Flex your stomach muscles, and reach arms out to your sides.
  • From the waist and without twisting, lightly bounce side to side over your hips.

ADVANCED MUSCLE CHALLENGE #1: Wear wrist weights of your desired weight to increase the workload of the exercise.

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