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The definition of physical fitness is the ability to function with optimum movement, energy, and efficiency for as long as is needed by the activities performed throughout one’s day or in a specific sport or exercise.

The activities that require general fitness can be everyday activities, like picking up your 3-year-old daughter and carrying her upstairs, playing football with your son, or walking the dog for twenty minutes. Though these activities require a lesser degree of fitness than some others, as our bodies grow older, it becomes even more important to maintain a minimum fitness level.

Sports and aerobic exercises, like basketball or running, require a more specific body fitness. Physical fitness includes both of these general and specific aspects.

The general, or health-related, aspect of fitness involves what are called the
5 components of physical fitness, which include: cardiovascular fitness, muscle endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition.
(Click here for more information on the 5 components).

The more specific aspect of fitness, which can involve enhancing a set of skills for a sport, includes: balance, coordination, speed, reaction time and endurance.

This site focuses on the general or health-related aspect of fitness. The exercises on this site are designed to promote the 5 components of physical fitness, and are not necessarily a training regimen for any one sport or activity, though they are a perfect starting point.

The definition of physical fitness is just the beginning. Now pick up the speed--explore exercises that will help you achieve your optimum fitness level!

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