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Body Composition Defined
Body composition is how much adipose tissue, or fat, your body has, compared to its lean body mass or how much muscle it has. In other words, it is the ratio of your total weight from bones, ligaments, muscles, etc. to your weight from fat.

BEST Benefit of Exercise: Losing FAT!
The single biggest and most satisfying result of training and exercise is the loss of unwanted fat. Once the fat starts coming off your body, the trim, pleasing figure underneath will be revealed and you'll be proud to show it off to the world! The Domino-effect of this? Higher confidence, more energy, increased focus, and the drive to engage more vigorously in life's fulfilling activities! Now those are some good reasons to exercise. AND, you don't need to work quite as hard as you think...

Best Way to Burn Fat
The best way to burn fat and improve your body composition is to exercise for a long duration AND at a low to moderate intensity. Exercising in this way improves the ability of the muscles to use fat as an energy source. The reason for this is because as exercise intensity increases, so does the amount of lactic acid in the blood. Lactic acid in the bloodstream inhibits fat conversion, so during high-intensity exercise, the body will switch to carbohydrates rather than fat as its main fuel source. The higher level of fitness someone has, the higher the intensity they can exercise without lactic acid overwhelming their bloodstream. So, fat will continue to be burned during high-intensity exercise for someone who is highly fit, whereas someone who is less fit will metabolize carbohydrates instead of fat at the same exercise-intensity. The best way to improve fitness is to exercise more regularly! It's that simple.

High-intensity workouts, where you'll likely run out of steam and stop your workout sooner, will improve the fitness of your heart and cardiovascular system, but burn much less fat. If you want to say goodbye to the FAT, slow down, and keeeeeep going!

You can kill two birds with one stone, the birds being burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness, by exercising slow and easy, and then increasing intensity toward the end of your workout.

Muscles Play Their Role
Building and maintaining muscle is one of the surest ways to keep fat off your body. Why? Because muscle BURNS FAT! It uses way more energy than other kinds of tissue and burns more calories, so it is always looking for a fuel source. When it runs out of fuel from carbs or glucose, it goes on a mission to burn up the fat by converting it to glucose! Resistance training and building muscle contributes substantially more to a high metabolism than aerobic exercise alone, and keeps your body's fat-burning mechanism in high gear.
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The Fat-Burning Diet
The right diet matters when it comes to keeping the fat off. You can exercise every day, but if all you eat is sugary cereal, coffee, cheeseburgers, and other processed carbohydrates, no matter how fast and efficient your metabolism is, it will not be able to utilize all those empty calories! To find out out what foods will help keep you super slim and give you all the energy you need for your day, your workout, and then some, check out my article, "Nutrition and Physical Fitness!"

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